LVSmon is a cluster monitoring daemon written originally with the intention of replacing tools like ldirectord and mon with regards to maintaining LVS tables. LVSMon is secure, reliable and scalable. LVSmon will never run away. It will never give you false output. It will not allow people to take over system. It uses very little CPU time, has a small footprint and scales better than most even considering the fact that it runs in a single thread.


You can address any bug reports, patches, questions etc.. to Gianni Tedesco <gianni at scaramanga dot co dot uk>

Copyleft - All rights reversed

LVSmon is free software released under the GNU GPL version 2.
LVSmon is Copyright © 2002 Gianni Tedesco.


Although this software was intended to run on Linux Virtual Servers, it will actually run on any POSIX compliant platform which has an ANSI C compiler.


The latest version is 0.0.2
Version 0.0.2 Source code
Version 0.0.1 Source code

Current Features


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