About ircnukes

ircnukes is an online zero-sum game which blends strategic thinking and unthinking brutality set in the current, possibly terminal, era of human existence. It's based on the excellent nuclear war card game from flying buffalo.

The Software

This is an irc bot written in python. There are no official releases just yet but you can download ircnukes.tar.gz which is the current code base released under GPL v2. There are still bugs to iron out and features to add. Watch this space...

Failing that you can try #nukes on


Only one game may be played on any given channel. Gameplay is divided between the channel for warfare and propaganda and private messages to the bot for manipulating your hand and performing covert activities ;)

  1. Somebody in the channel must create a game with !creategame
  2. Players must !joingame, at this point they will be dealt a hand of cards and some population cards.
  3. In your private message window, push 2 cards on to the queue
  4. The bot will announce that you are ready
  5. Once everyone is ready, any player may use !start
  6. The bot will announce who's turn it is, the game starts in peace time
  7. Each turn consists of one !flip command
  8. After your turn, you will have a new card dealt in to your deck and must push a new card on to your queue before you can !flip in your next turn
  9. In other words, "Turn one over, pick one up, put one down"
  10. Retaliation turns require a series of !use commands, and you must use the !done command to finalize your retaliation and relinquish control (that means you olli)
  11. If anyone survives, they are the winner

Command/Card Reference

Channel Commands:

Private Commands:


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