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These days I am doing commercially motivated work in the SIEM space. In my spare time I'm working on a high-speed network IDS in which snort rules are compiled to decision trees and then to x86-64 machine code and also a small RDBMS for OLAP-style workloads which makes use of efficient indexes and JIT-compilation of queries.

Before that I spent a brief time working on high-frequency trading of derivatives. Whenever I get a moment, I've been looking at real-time order-flow reconstruction from direct-market-access TAQ price feeds. This is sort of the opposite of what matching engines do. We see new trades and quotes, and we use this to infer the sequence of operations happening on the customer-side. Doing this is basically data-cleaning for developing short-term predictions of the possibility of taking the spread - which is a way of managing risk for automated market makers.

Before that minor diversion I was a bromide after a stint as a xen hacker. And before that I was mostly working on smartcard and RFID related projects and getting pretty interested about the application of temporal logics to real-time intrusion alert correlation.

There are a few projects on my github page that are not covered on this site.

I'm also working on some korean language resources for intermediate learners of the language.

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