File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
include/ber.h [code]
include/bytesex.h [code]
include/ccid-spec.h [code]
include/ccid.h [code]
include/compiler.h [code]
include/config.h [code]
include/emv.h [code]
include/gang.h [code]
include/list.h [code]
include/mpool.h [code]
include/sim.h [code]
src/ber.c [code]
src/ca_pubkeys.h [code]
src/cci.c [code]
src/ccid-internal.h [code]
src/ccidev.c [code]
src/chipcard.c [code]
src/emv-internal.h [code]
src/emv.c [code]
src/emv_apdu.c [code]
src/emv_appsel.c [code]
src/emv_cvm.c [code]
src/emv_data.c [code]
src/emv_dda.c [code]
src/emv_err.c [code]
src/emv_init.c [code]
src/emv_sda.c [code]
src/emv_trm.c [code]
src/emvtool.c [code]
src/gang.c [code]
src/mpool.c [code]
src/py_ccid.c [code]
src/py_ccid.h [code]
src/py_emv.c [code]
src/sim-internal.h [code]
src/sim.c [code]
src/sim_apdu.c [code]
src/sim_sms.c [code]
src/simtool.c [code]
src/util.c [code]
src/xfr.c [code]
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